09AUG2018-Oh and by the way, one thing I can handle is constructive criticism. If you think my site could use some of your advice then please leave a comment. If it is one thing I learned in life is that you always remember your first. The first time you learned to ride a bike and who it was that taught you, learning how to drive and who taught you, learning how to ride a motorcycle and who taught you, and your first crush. I can go on but you get my point. I don’t forget those that take the extra time to teach me. And I will never forget you. You are out there, I know it. And I will appreciate you, all of you.

07AUG2018-Hello All, So I am learning more about this writing and marketing process which eventually builds onto who I am as a writer and soon to be marketer. I am making more connections while building relationships with my peers and skilled professionals. And yes, this should be a blog post and I will get to that part. But I am the baby bird that needs to figure these things out.

Updated 23Jul2018: I am going to keep adding and updating this ‘About Me’ page only because I like to look down memory lane and see where I came from and how far I have progressed. And you all get the added benefit of seeing me trip over myself in the process.

I am a strong supporter of the abstract. I like things that are not conventional or standardized. I believe we all have our own voice and that there is a uniqueness to each one of us. Some people believe those things are nerdy, quirky, unconventional, and even stupid. But you know what folks? I don’t let that stop me. I have dressed up in outfits that do not match, costumes that are not designed to be worn by me, and would ruin a good shirt and a pair of pants if it means me creating an ensemble that is appealing to me and a few other patrons. It is going to stand out.

Hey, I get it. Not everyone is cut out to handle my style. Not everyone is as able to process what my ideas are trying to convey. Then again, maybe that is a failure on my delivery. But what I will tell you is that I have stories to tell. They are a representation of me and what goes on when I can’t turn it off.

But what I really want you to get from this page is that I want to share with you…no, I want to entertain you with all the voices in my head screaming to be heard. I hope you are ready. the first one is gearing up to take the stage.

01JUL2018: I am an author with three manuscripts awaiting their moment for full exposure. I have been actively writing since 2013 when I began to realize that I have stories to share only because of how abstract each premise is to each story.

I have a laundry list of stories in my personal files as well as creative quotes, unique character names and their backstories that I plan on using in my future manuscripts.